Humorous Inspiration

Barb Stegemann has been waking audiences up to their gifts for years. She learned along the way if you are going to take people to a place of all that awakening to use humor to lighten it up a little.

These clips are from Barb Stegemann’s sold out One Woman Show “Make Perfume Not War” at the Neptune theatre.

Be intense!

Barb Stegemann shares how being called “intense” used to upset her. And once she stopped judging herself, something amazing happened….

Half-Ass-Itis better than perfectionitis

Barb shares her approach to dealing with getting stagnant due to perfectionism. Her cheeky approach to breaking through will make you smile.

Your sister’s so smart!

This is Barb’s whimsical take on trailing her very brilliant PhD Virologist sister, Dr. Marjorie Robbins in high school.

You’re someone’s favourite person

How to find gratitude to be with others, on the hardest longest work days. Barb figured out the key, to realize everyone you deal with is someone’s favourite person and how lucky you are to be with them.

The 1-800 Cold Call

Barb shares how one of her first cold calls changed her entire life and how to get over your fears and share your gifts in the world.

My ducky you’re deaf!

Barb discovers she was born with a hearing impairment at the age of 21!

But Kevin O’Leary was so mean to you!

Barb shares what happened after she won on CBC’s Dragons’ Den.